17 Aug

Mi Notebook – a Macbook Clone


Macbook is an iconic laptop, it is classy, nice and premium looking. But only few are lucky enough to buy it because if its premium price tag. Xiami’s Mi Notebook is their first laptop offering and it is quite nice. It is somewhat same to Apple’s Macbook but it runs on Windows 10 instead of MAC OS.

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10 Aug

Japanese network begins airing 8K broadcasts


While Philippines is still catching up on Digital TV Broadcast systems, Japan is a decade ahead with its digital TV broadcast started way back 2003. And now Japan’s NHK(also known as Japan Broadcasting Corporation) has started broadcasting the world’s first 8K television format.  NHK has been eyeing for 8k broadcast for years. There’s just one problem, very few people owns 8k television.

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05 Aug

Pokemon Go: How long would it take to be successful?

Pokemon_GoBefore Pokemon Go was a worldwide sensation to gamers, Pokémon lovers and people that are curious about the craze will be able to know more first about the creator who managed to shatter all the records with his created game. The first week the game was released to the public, it had more than 10 million downloads, Twitter exceeded in terms of daily active users, and had higher average user time than social networking sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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27 Jul

World’s First Digital Camera


Digital Camera technology have gone too far ever since it was introduced in December 1975 by an Engineer at Eastman Kodak named Steve Sasson. Have you ever wondered how is it compared to the new modern digital camera we have these days? The photo above was the prototype of the Worlds first digital camera from Kodak. It was a size of an Oven Toaster and weights 8 pounds.

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20 Jul

Top 6 Affordable Sedan Cars


Philippine Public transportation can be sometimes unsafe, uncomfortable, and a bit hassle. Because of these circumstances, owning a car these days is more of a basic needs rather than luxury. And due to the advantage of technologies, car these days are more affordable than ever before. If you are looking for an affordable Sedan type car, here are the list that you might want to consider.

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09 Jun

Top 4 DSLR for beginners 2016


For those who want to start photography but don’t have any idea which camera to buy, I made a simple guide for you for choosing the best DSLR for you. There are so many DSLR to choose from. Being a beginner doesn’t necessarily mean you need a beginner DSLR. It really boils down to your need. I have been on photography hobby for 6years now and like many of you, I struggled choosing the best DSLR for me. I already spent thousands of pesos to my gear and I end up broke on my 1-2years on this kind of hobby. I realized that this is not a profession and I do not earn money on it. But I really enjoyed this hobby for some time.

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